/Team WZA

Wodapalooza Miami was created in 2011 by two men with a vision to unite the CrossFit community in one of the spectacular outdoor venues in the world.

Co-Founder Guido Trinidad, is a veteran competitor in the Sport of Fitness who qualified for the CF Games 2012. As the creative visionary of the event Trinidad is Head of both Logistics and Magic.
Co-Founder, Steve Suarez brings his expertise with large business and relationships to the partnership and is Head of both Operations and Business Development.

Peak 360 CrossFit, Owned and Operated by Trinidad, provides the core of the TEAM WZA Staff. Year round Peak360 is planning and organizing the fine details of this grandeous event. The dynamic Team players that make this all a reality are Virginia Trinidad, Karla Suarez, Lou Calcagno, Stacey Konstantinov, Alan Chovel, Staphanie Bott, Wendy Augtmen, Al Freixa, Dylan Malitsky, Jennie Chovel, and Sebastian Rejon. All these individuals bring unique value that makes WZA the success it has become.

Wodapalooza is truly a one-of-a-kind event and our goal will always remain the same. It is to provide an experience for the CrossFit community that creates positive memories for all in attendance; athletes, volunteers, sponsors, and spectators all contributing to the unique love and vibe that is Wodapalooza.