/Day 1 in the Books…Sun Up to Sun Down


Day one is in the books.


The fitness festival everyone has been waiting for this past year kicked off at noon today.


Barbells were clanking, music was booming, Nanos were bounding, and Paleo bison and antelope burgers were being flipped.


Athletes in all divisions attacked WODs 1 and 2 at the pavilion stage and main platform, comprised of:



3 Rope Climbs/15 Ring Rows/25 Rope Climbs (Team)

7 Shoulder to Overhead/50 Shoulder to Overhead

11 Burpee Box Jumps/75 Burpee Box Jumps



40 Pistols (Elite)/40 Goblet Squats

60 Kettlebell Swings

40 Calories SKI Erg


Team-AMRAP 12 

10 KB Goblet Squats

15 KB Swings

Max Calorie SKI Erg


Despite an unusual Miami chill in the air, competitors were keeping it hot on the floor.


At the end of Day 1, current standings are as follows:


Women’s Elite:

1st Emily Friedman

2nd Talayna Fortunato

3rd Samantha Briggs


Men’s Elite:

1st Nate Schrader

2nd Craig Kenney

3rd Noah Ohlsen


Women RX:

1st Samantha Infantino

2nd Alexys Guerra

3rd Maria Vulcano


Men RX:

1st Nik Hecht

2nd Andrew Kong

3rd Joe Wright


T Hammer:

1st Stephanie Hammerman


Women’s Masters:

1st Colleen Fahey

2nd Tara Philion

3rd Heather Angelo


Men’s Masters:

1st Cory Dague

2nd Cory Hall

3rd Tony Cauchi


Women’s Scaled:

1st Marni Feldman

2nd Krystal Ladao

3rd Ashlyn Morse


Men’s Scaled:

1st Kenny Carlson

2nd Austin Hafner

3rd Jose Bencomo


Women’s Teams:

1st Chi-town Belles

2nd Rising CrossFit Ballantyne

3rd CFHC


Men’s Teams:

1st NF Sports

2nd IMT CrossFit

3rd Team Progenex


Competition starts bright and early tomorrow!

The Workhorses are working hard tonight to get the day started right!