/Day Two: Recap


THE fitness festival was in full swing today!

Competition kicked off bright and early at 8:30 a.m. and athletes in all divisions came ready to conquer WOD 3, 4 & 5, of competition—including the “Swim, Row, Run”—a mini triathlon, consisting of a 300-meter swim in open water, a 2k row and 2,000 meter run.


Home-town boy and Elite competitor, Noah Ohlsen, took first place in his heat, and second place overall, behind Mike Brower (CrossFit Pinellas) in the event with a time of 22:40:80. Noah said it was the perfect WOD for him.


“It was my kind of workout and a great chance to come back after a performance I was not so happy about in the Snatch WOD earlier this morning (16th place). I’m a pretty good swimmer, and when I needed a break, I just rolled over on my back to look at the sky and soak up some sunlight—it felt great,” Noah said.


Many of the athletes, however, jumped into the water, not having swum much before prior to today’s WOD.


“I know how to tread water and can paddle, but I’m not much of a swimmer,” Elite competitor Elijah Muhhamad laughed. “This has been a great competition though and I am here to continue to improve and get better.”


“I was a swimmer in college—but haven’t really done much of that since. That 300-meters was rough, but I got through it,” Elite Women’s competitor Chyna Cho said, who finished in third place overall on today’s leaderboard.


“I survived!” many others exclaimed after climbing out of the water and finishing the workout.


Aside from just completing a mini-triathlon, barbells came out to play in the other two WODs today—The Snatch (WOD 3) and the Pull-Ups-N-Cleans (WOD 5).


During The Snatch, athletes had 2-minutes (or 4-minutes for Teams) to establish a 3-rep max Power Snatch (Touch and Go, followed by 2-minutes to find their 2-rep max Hang Squat Snatch (Ground then Hang Position), and, lastly, 2-minutes to find their 1 rep max Overhead Squat (From the Ground).


And the Pull-Ups-N-Cleans consisted of three rounds of varying rep schemes of pull-ups and types of cleans (power, squat, squat clean and jerk), with a 14-minute time cap.


Athletes were neck-and-neck throughout the workout.


The showdown between “Fittest Woman on Earth” Samantha Briggs and 2012 “3rd Fittest Woman on Earth” Talayna Fortunato during their final workout of the day was a race to the finishing mats.


On their last five reps of squat clean and jerks, Briggs and Fortunato seemed to alternate back and forth between picking up the bar and jerking it overhead.

Finishing within split seconds of each other, Fortunato used the enthusiasm of the crowd to drive her to come out on top.

Briggs finished 24-seconds behind her (8:56 minutes).

“I’ve been a little tired today and definitely felt it on all those pull-ups and gripping the barbell—I also think after competing last weekend at the OC Throwdown last weekend, I’m just a little more tired than usual, so the enthusiasm of the crowd definitely helps! Talayna is a great athlete and we both joke we are against each other—since we’ve been pretty close in a few of the events, and just have gotten to know more about one another as competitors this past year. It’s a friendly competition, and I am looking forward to a fun day tomorrow (after some sleep!),” Briggs said.


Master’s competitor, Freddy Camacho, also said the Pullup-N-Clean WOD took it out of him. He had bleeding hands to prove it.


“That was a tough one and those weights got heavy at the end,” the 12th place-overall finisher today said with a big smile on his face. “But I love this. I love the CrossFit community, and having had the opportunity to be part of it and watch it grow really since its beginnings. Local throwdowns like this are just fun, and I only plan to keep moving forward and growing with the sport as long as I can,” the 48-year-old said.


Reflecting back on the past 24-hours, team member of Box Tribe, Lindsey Guelde says she’s been having a blast and isn’t (knock on wood) feeling all the hard work she and her two teammates have put into the past five workouts—yet.


“We’re sitting in 4th and only two points from 2nd, so hopefully tomorrow we can climb back from our terrible triathlon time (16th place in triathlon at 25:27:70 minutes). Soreness hasn’t set in yet (knock on wood),” Guelde said.


There’s no doubt our athletes are working hard—and you can check out ALL the updates from the leaderboard right here! 


And don’t forget about all the volunteers making it all possible–the volunteers!


Hundreds of volunteers have been working relentlessly to help pull off this weekend’s show.


“”I’ve had lots of coffee the past 24-hours,” volunteer Jilly Jaorwske says on volunteering as a judge this weekend for 8-12 hour shifts each day. Jilly actually competed as an athlete last year, and she says, quite honestly, she doesn’t know which one is more tiring.


“Ha ha, both are exhausting. The stress is different, but it’s still really stressful—like having to no-rep athletes. You hate it, but you have to do it. It’s been fun overall though—but very long days,” Jilly said.


Tomorrow, another year of Wodapalooza comes to a close on the final day.


“Finish strong,” Guido Trinidad says, “Finish strong.”