/Day 3 Recap: Another Year Come & Gone


As fast as you can say, “Wodapalooza”, another year of the “event we’ve all been waiting for” has come to an end.


Sunday concluded “Day 3” of competition, and athletes in all divisions came to Bayfront Park ready to “lay it all on the line” and give it their all in WODs 6 and 7.


While only three athletes from each individual division and three teams could be standing on the podium at the sound of the final buzzer of the day, the heart, drive and “spirit of the Games” were more alive than ever Sunday—and both the athletes and crowd alike could feel the rumble.


“I feel so inspired just watching all these athletes compete—especially the Master’s and Natalie Bieule who competed with a prosthetic leg. Wow. I feel like if they can do it, maybe I can too,” volunteer judge Isis Plano said.


“I had an amazing time. The best part of this weekend, for sure, was the camaraderie—between all the women athletes, really all the athletes. And you know just the support—everyone was just so supportive here,” Elite Women’s competitor Emily Friedman said.


At the end of the day, spectators and athletes gathered at the Pavillion stage for the awards ceremony, where co-founders Guido Trinidad and Steve Suarez stood up to thank the community, volunteers, their beautiful supportive wives and the hundreds of athletes for their support to make the weekend happen.


With tears in his eyes, Trinidad then went onto share his genuine heart for building up the CrossFit community in Miami, and presented several “Spirit of the Games” awards to the volunteers and one athlete in particular, Steph Hammerman, who proved to have one of the biggest hearts and an unrelenting perseverance throughout the weekend


Afterwards the top-three in each division were presented with awards, swag bags compliments of Reebok and checks for the top Elite competitors as the crowd cheered each deserving athlete on.


The final standings are as follows:


Boys 13-15

1st- Marvin Castrillo, Siege

2nd- Daniel Varona, CrossFit GMA

3rd- Jordan Feldman, CrossFit 305


Boys 16-18

1st-Robert Miniter, Branford CrossFit

2nd-Robert Hill, TNL Tampa

3rd- Gabriel Estevez, Peak 360

Girls 13-17

1st- Emily Castrillo, CrossFit Siege


Men’s Master’s

1st-Cory Dague, CrossFit Pike

2nd- Chris Exarhos, ProAnox

3rd-Cory Hall, Real Fitness


Men Scaled

1st-Austin Hafner, Training Box

2nd- Kenny Carlson

3rd-Jose Bencomo


Men RX

1st-Allen Duarte, CrossFit Black Box

2nd- Nik Hecht, CrossFit Five Star

3rd-Andrew Kong, CrossFit Ambush


Men Teams

1st-Team Progenex, CrossFit Krypton

2nd- NF Sports, Hustle Hard CrossFit

3rd-PR Wraps, PR Wraps


Men’s Elite

1st-Kenneth Leverich

2nd- Craig Kenney, Branford CrossFit

3rd- Nate Schrader, Iron Forged CrossFit


Women’s Master’s

1st-Tara Philion, CrossFit Threshold

2nd- Colleen Fahey, CrossFit Blackbox

3rd-Heahter Angelo, ProAnox


Women Scaled

1st-Ashlyn Morse, CrossFit Ambush

2nd- Allyson Vanegas, CrossFit Witness

3rd-Kristen Girard, Firebase


Women RX

1st-Karina Arrendondo, CrossFit Grounds

2nd- Maria Vulcano, CrossFit Port Chester

3rd-Sophie Larson, Real Fitness Sarasota


Women Teams

1st-Chi-town Belles, Ohare CrossFit

2nd- Rising CrossFit Ballantyne, Rising CrossFit Ballantyne

3rd-Team Nutriforce Sports, Reebok CrossFit 5th Avenue


Women’s Elite

1st-Samantha Briggs, CrossFit Black Five

2nd- Talayna Fortunato, Redline

3rd- Emily Friedman, Hardbat CrossFit


Congratulations and GREAT job to all our competitors for finishing strong.


Continue to check back here for post-Wodapalooza news and updates, and after a few days of rest of course, let the training begin not only for the Open…but for Wodapalooza next year.


We can’t wait to meet again!