/Congratulations Winners!


The final standings are as follows:

Boys 13-15

1st- Marvin Castrillo, Siege

2nd- Daniel Varona, CrossFit GMA

3rd- Jordan Feldman, CrossFit 305

Boys 16-18

1st-Robert Miniter, Branford CrossFit

2nd-Robert Hill, TNL Tampa

3rd- Gabriel Estevez, Peak 360

Girls 13-17

1st- Emily Castrillo, CrossFit Siege

kids wza

Men’s Master’s

1st-Cory Dague, CrossFit Pike

2nd- Chris Exarhos, ProAnox

3rd-Cory Hall, Real Fitness

Women’s Master’s

1st-Tara Philion, CrossFit Threshold

2nd- Colleen Fahey, CrossFit Blackbox

3rd-Heahter Angelo, ProAnox

masters wza

Men Scaled

1st-Austin Hafner, Training Box

2nd- Kenny Carlson

3rd-Jose Bencomo

Women Scaled

1st-Ashlyn Morse, CrossFit Ambush

2nd- Allyson Vanegas, CrossFit Witness

3rd-Kristen Girard, Firebase

scaled winners

 Men RX

1st-Allen Duarte, CrossFit Black Box

2nd- Nik Hecht, CrossFit Five Star

3rd-Andrew Kong, CrossFit Ambush

 Women RX

1st-Karina Arrendondo, CrossFit Grounds

2nd- Maria Vulcano, CrossFit Port Chester

3rd-Sophie Larson, Real Fitness Sarasota

rx winners

Men Teams

1st-Team Progenex, CrossFit Krypton

2nd- NF Sports, Hustle Hard CrossFit

3rd-PR Wraps, PR Wraps

 Women Teams

1st-Chi-town Belles, Ohare CrossFit

2nd- Rising CrossFit Ballantyne, Rising CrossFit Ballantyne

3rd-Team Nutriforce Sports, Reebok CrossFit 5th Avenue

 team winners

Men’s Elite

1st-Kenneth Leverich

2nd- Craig Kenney, Branford CrossFit

3rd- Nate Schrader, Iron Forged CrossFit

 Women’s Elite

1st-Samantha Briggs, CrossFit Black Five

2nd- Talayna Fortunato, Redline

3rd- Emily Friedman, Hardbat CrossFit

elite winners

Congratulations and GREAT job to all our competitors for finishing strong.

Continue to check back here for post-Wodapalooza news and updates, and after a few days of rest of course, let the training begin not only for the Open…but for Wodapalooza next year.